Celebrating Women in Science

Without a doubt, there have been some serious badass women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. No one understands this more than Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya, a former neuroscientist herself.

In her latest project, Beyond Curie, Phingbodhipakkiya highlights 32 badass women in those fields. Below are a few of my favorites. Take a look yourself and learn about some women who have made a difference and enjoy some top-notch design work.

Maryam Mirzakhani


May-Britt Moser


Youyou Tu




Artist Watch: Jennifer McHugh


There are so many talented artists out there to discover and Instagram is a great way to find them. After stumbling upon Jennifer McHugh’s Instagram account, I was hooked on her work. If you’re looking for an artist who is always experimenting with new mediums, but also producing amazing works on canvas, Jennifer is the gal for you.

I’ve become a repeat buyer of her work and can’t wait to make my next purchase. My recent painting from Jennifer (image on the left) was an early birthday gift to myself and I’m obsessed with it.

If you’re unfamiliar with her work, check out her page and see if there’s anything that stands out to you. Also, be sure to follow her other Instagram account for her monthly pop-up sale.

Time for Brunch

Brunch is easily the best meal of the day. Since moving to Minneapolis, I’ve taken it upon myself to find the best brunch in the city. While the search continues, I have found some pretty great spots.

Here’s my current list of favorites:

French Meadow Bakery & Cafe
No brunch list is complete without French Meadow. This go-to spot has a large menu full of delicious organic, gluten free and fair trade items that everyone can enjoy. If the GF life isn’t your style, don’t worry, they have plenty of food for you as well. I highly recommend the huevos rancheros.

If you’re looking for brunch with a French twist, Barbette is the natural choice. This spot has ever-flowing coffee, delicious mimosas and buckwheat crêpes that are to die for.

Tiny Diner
Lavender mimosas. Need I say more? After hearing Tiny Diner combined my favorite flavor with my favorite beverage, I knew I had to head over there. Besides having delicious cocktails, this spot has an ever changing menu with new items based on a city of the month.

As a mimosa lover, I always look for new spots with bottomless mimosas. Unfortunately, most places have barely any champagne/sparkling wine in their drinks. Thankfully, Nightingale is not on that list. In addition to grade A mimosas, Nightingale also has a kickass lamb bacon BLT.

Victor’s 1959 Cafe
After a year of trying, I finally managed to eat brunch at Victor’s. So far, Victor’s is easily my favorite brunch spot in Minneapolis. It’s a pretty tiny restaurant, so if you want a spot quickly, definitely get there early. If you head to Victor’s, do yourself a favor and order the mango pancake and café con leche. You won’t be sorry.


Artist Watch: Instagram Gold

Anyone who knows me knows I spend far too much time on Instagram. But all of the hours I’ve put into my Instagram obsession have paid off. Through diligent efforts, I have discovered plenty of fantastic artists.

Here is a great list of a few illustrators to follow:

Dinara Mirtalipova | illustrator, folklorist


Yelena Bryksenkova | illustrator


Júlia Sardà Portabella | illustrator


Céleste | graphiste, illustratrice & designer textile


Manon de Jong | illustrator


Hello from snowy Minneapolis

As the snow piles up in beautiful Minneapolis, I spent my day wandering around the Minneapolis Institute of Art (Mia). This museum is easily one of my favorite places to spend time and with my relatively new corporate job, my visits have become more vital for my sanity.

Even though I’ve spent many hours walking through the exhibits, I always find something new and interesting. This time around, I discovered a small German neo-expressionism exhibit that had some very impressive pieces.

I, of course, had to snap a few pictures of my favorite pieces at Mia.

Salam, Morocco

Morocco is a hell of a country. There were many highs and lows during my vacation. I was constantly switching from uncomfortable to enthralled. It was confusing. I had never been to a country that was so hypocritical. I couldn’t understand how a place could be so beautiful at one moment, and incredibly obnoxious the next.

After the initial shock of being in Morocco wore off, I was able to really dig in and see what the country had to offer. I drank mint tea at every opportunity, got ridiculously lost in the Medina, was chased by a Berber gang, toured the amazing Jardin Majorelle, went to the desert, rode a camel, and saw beautiful mosaics and tile.

One day I’ll go back to Morocco and be far more prepared than I was for this first trip.

A Survival’s Guide to Morocco

Being chased by a group of Berbers demanding money from me was not how I imagined my first day in Morocco. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened. While it wasn’t an ideal start to a vacation, it was a necessary lesson for me. I hope my mistakes can help people wanting to visit this amazing country.

Ignore, don’t engage.
The first piece of advice I would give anyone thinking of going to Morocco is learn how to ignore people. As a blonde American woman, I clearly stood out in most areas of Morocco (aside from those touristy places), which seemed to draw attention from nearly every man I passed in the streets.

While it’s easy to become annoyed or overwhelmed by the attention, simply ignore the people talking to you and they’ll eventually leave you alone. It’s not an ideal situation, but it’s much easier to handle if you’re able to ignore their original requests.

Brush up on your haggling skills.
When you’re out in the shops, no price is final. Start low and walk away when they continue to get higher. More often than not, walking away will cause the seller to cave in and give you a decent price.

Ask your someone at your riad to give you a list of standard rates of things. They can tell you how much you should pay for a taxi and the average cost of items in the Medina.

Marrakech isn’t the only city in Morocco.
Morocco is a pretty big country with a lot to offer. The majority of my trip was spent in Marrakech. While the city is interesting and has a lot of things to see, there are plenty of other places worth visiting. Before you set your agenda, write down the things you want to do in Morocco. For example, are you interested in surfing? Check out Essaouira.

Nothing is free in Morocco.
Very rarely will you find someone willing to help you out of the goodness of their heart. If someone offers to give you directions or have their friend show you the way, don’t listen to them. That is a scam for money.

If you’re fine with paying for directions, carry around small change to give them instead of large bills.

If you’re not OK with paying for directions, ask someone in a shop for help. Since they’re working, they’re not able to follow you or lead you to the correct place. Again, if they offer to have their friend show you the way, politely say, “No thanks.”


I would consider myself a well-traveled person, but I have never been to a place like Morocco. It is both beautiful and gritty. And I can’t wait to go back.